10 Tips For Getting Your Business Off The Ground

It’s famously difficult to get a new, unproven small business idea off the ground. This makes sense; investors are reluctant to hand over cash for ventures they aren’t sure about, so only the most cast-iron and robust business proposals will usually meet with success. If you’ve got an idea for a small business and you […]

What is Blue Light and does it Really Damage Your Eyes?

Does blue light really cause eye damage?

What is Blue Light? Any visible light is made up of a wide spectrum of colours, even if they aren’t visible to the naked eye. White light – the kind of light emitted by the sun or a common light bulb – is made up of ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet […]

Manage Home Office Burnout With These 5 Easy Steps

Home office burn-out

Remember when everyone was jealous of the fact that you worked from home? How does everyone feel about it now? Working from home definitely has a lot of perks. For companies, it means they can actually get a lot more from their team members. According to studies, remote workers throw in three extra hours of […]

How To Avoid Zoom Burnout

Zoom burnout

I’ve worked remotely with the team here at Ideas2Live4 for close to 10 years. COVID didn’t change our working habits one bit. But few have the experience of our team to fall back on. Our team has become used to the isolation that can be a blessing and a curse. We’ve also become used to […]

Choosing the Right Accounting Package for Your Business…

Over the years, I’ve used various tools to help manage my business. I’ve used Quickbooks, MYOB, SAGE, Wave Accounting and ZOHO Books extensively. But I’ve never really been happy. One reason is the ‘add-ons’. Want to run a payroll? Pay extra. HR? Pay extra. Inventory management? Pay extra. And when you can’t ‘add on’, it’s […]

Really? You want to start your own business? Five steps to avoid failure…

Five steps to avoid business failure

Times are always tough somewhere. Countries, regions and industries all have economic cycles. Right now almost everyone is hurting due to COVID-19. Economists and governments are expecting many job losses to be permanent. Unemployment is forecast to remain high for some years to come. That’s encouraging (or forcing) many of us to rethink our future […]

Music – Does It Help Or Hinder Productivity?

Are you working from home now? Are you hearing lots of sounds and noises that are alien to your workplace… kids playing, neighbors arguing, dogs barking? These and similar noises can kill productivity. As an antidote, many of us like to crank up the music as ‘white noise’. But is it? Or is it just […]

Survival and revival: Retailers need to prepare for two e-commerce waves

Wave 1 - COVID-19 - caught us off-guard.

Are you one of the countless small business owners wondering how you can survive the COVID-19 crisis? Will your staff return? What about your customers? If you’re in retail, the following article by Jane Cohen, a Partner at KPMG Strategy, is a five minute read that may help you to navigate the next few months. […]

Learn How You Can Be More Productive When Working From Home…

Six tips for beating distractions and procrastination! My working career spans 50 years. For at least 30 of those, I’ve worked from a home office. For the last 20 years, I’ve lead a team of focused writers, social media specialists and coders… all from my home office. And they all work from home too! It […]