10 Tips For Getting Your Business Off The Ground

Business Plan

It’s famously difficult to get a new, unproven small business idea off the ground. This makes sense; investors are reluctant to hand over cash for ventures they aren’t sure about, so only the most cast-iron and robust business proposals will usually meet with success. If you’ve got an idea for a small business and you […]

The Two Pizza Rule for Productive Office Meetings…

We’ve all been there. Co-workers streaming into the room, coffee in hand, looking for a comfortable chair while everyone waits for the stragglers while also waiting for the convenor to kick things off. Another seeming endless ‘meeting’ that was called to brainstorm a concept or share a news update. 90 minutes later, you’re shaking your […]

Choosing the Right Accounting Package for Your Business…

Over the years, I’ve used various tools to help manage my business. I’ve used Quickbooks, MYOB, SAGE, Wave Accounting and ZOHO Books extensively. But I’ve never really been happy. One reason is the ‘add-ons’. Want to run a payroll? Pay extra. HR? Pay extra. Inventory management? Pay extra. And when you can’t ‘add on’, it’s […]

Really? You want to start your own business? Five steps to avoid failure…

Five steps to avoid business failure

Times are always tough somewhere. Countries, regions and industries all have economic cycles. Right now almost everyone is hurting due to COVID-19. Economists and governments are expecting many job losses to be permanent. Unemployment is forecast to remain high for some years to come. That’s encouraging (or forcing) many of us to rethink our future […]

Huge success in business is largely based on luck

Success in business may be very dependent on luck.

Chengwei Liu, Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick Bestselling business books promise to teach you the winning formula and reveal the secrets of success. But the inconvenient truth is that exceptional successes in business are largely based on luck. No rule exists for achieving exceptional performance because it usually […]