Seven valuable lessons Western retailers can learn from China

The baby products section of an RT-Mart hypermarket, backed by Alibaba, in Shanghai. Alibaba has applied the "new retail" concept to some 400 brick-and-mortar stores in Chinese cities.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

From facial recognition payments to super fast delivery and even in-store childcare services, there is a lot that Western countries could learn from the ‘new retail’ concept in China. ‘New Retail’ The term ‘new retail’, coined in 2016 by Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, describes the future of retail in China. It’s a future focused on […]

Huge success in business is largely based on luck

Success in business may be very dependent on luck.

Chengwei Liu, Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick Bestselling business books promise to teach you the winning formula and reveal the secrets of success. But the inconvenient truth is that exceptional successes in business are largely based on luck. No rule exists for achieving exceptional performance because it usually […]

US Businesses are Losing Billions to Workplace Distraction

US Busineses lose $650 billion a year to workplace distraction

If you’re reading this at work, then you’re probably distracted. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A 2018 Udemy survey indicates that more than 70 percent of workers in the US feel distracted on the job. Some 16 percent of distracted workers say they always feel unfocused. In fact, workplace distraction has become something of an […]

Multi-Tasking Makes You …Uhhh…

Do You Multi-Task?

As you read this sentence, are you listening to music?  Is the TV on? Are you looking after the kids, maybe? Texting?  For some time now, we’ve come to believe in multi-tasking without questioning.  Virtually all of us spend part or most of our day juggling two or more things at the same time. Since […]

Why Do B2B Companies Fail At Content Marketing?

It's a crowded marketplace. You must have the right B2B strategy to compete and win.

When it comes to driving engagement, content is, as the saying goes, king. You’re playing in a very crowded place with lots of others josttling for position. It’s simple… without the right marketing plan you’ll be hard pressed to find an audience to engage with. Fact: Some 94% of small B2B businesses make use of […]

The Perils of the Home Office Interview!

The perils of the home office interview! If you work from home and have children, you are going to relate to this situation. We’ve probably all had important calls interrupted by overly enthusiastic children or the family dog deciding to start barking. But not many of us would have a family event during a nationally televised interview! Meet Professor Kelly, a […]