US Businesses are Losing Billions to Workplace Distraction

US Busineses lose $650 billion a year to workplace distraction

If you’re reading this at work, then you’re probably distracted. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A 2018 Udemy survey indicates that more than 70 percent of workers in the US feel distracted on the job. Some 16 percent of distracted workers say they always feel unfocused. In fact, workplace distraction has become something of an […]

Multi-Tasking Makes You …Uhhh…

Do You Multi-Task?

As you read this sentence, are you listening to music?  Is the TV on? Are you looking after the kids, maybe? Texting?  For some time now, we’ve come to believe in multi-tasking without questioning.  Virtually all of us spend part or most of our day juggling two or more things at the same time. Since […]