Seven valuable lessons Western retailers can learn from China

The baby products section of an RT-Mart hypermarket, backed by Alibaba, in Shanghai. Alibaba has applied the "new retail" concept to some 400 brick-and-mortar stores in Chinese cities.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

From facial recognition payments to super fast delivery and even in-store childcare services, there is a lot that Western countries could learn from the ‘new retail’ concept in China. ‘New Retail’ The term ‘new retail’, coined in 2016 by Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, describes the future of retail in China. It’s a future focused on […]

How to Transition and Thrive into Remote Working

Working from Home

Working from home can be a big benefit to employees, offering them flexibility and freedom to take charge of their own time.
But there are challenges that perhaps don’t seem obvious at first glance.

Huge success in business is largely based on luck

Success in business may be very dependent on luck.

Chengwei Liu, Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick Bestselling business books promise to teach you the winning formula and reveal the secrets of success. But the inconvenient truth is that exceptional successes in business are largely based on luck. No rule exists for achieving exceptional performance because it usually […]

You may not love them but your business needs them!

Everyone loves a helpful, cheerful worker… their manager, the owner and the customers. After all, enthusiastic optimists are wonderful colleagues. Reliable, pretty much trouble and conflict free, they can always be counted on. But are they great for your business? Are they really the asset you think they are? According to organizational psychologist and Wharton […]

Work From Home – Seven Simple Steps to Ensure Success

Tired of the commute? Want – or need –  to spend more time with your children? Work better at night or early morning than you do during the 9 to 5 stint? Maybe it’s time to work from home. Today’s technology means that you can interact with others efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the […]

Seven winning qualities a start-up team needs to succeed

Start-up mantra - together we can

The future belongs to small, innovative, agile entrepreneurs. Passion and perseverance will create many opportunities for those with their eyes and minds open. I came across this article from the Techstars blog. Given Techstars great track-record for bringing start-ups to market, I thought you might find it useful too. Running a “city program” accelerator at […]

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

Apr 3, 2017   by guest blogger Bob Warfield For those of you who desperately want to start your own business, I want to caution you about the worst possible thing you will be tempted to do: You are going to want to quit your Day Job and go all in.  Don’t do it! I know. […]

The Perils of the Home Office Interview!

The perils of the home office interview! If you work from home and have children, you are going to relate to this situation. We’ve probably all had important calls interrupted by overly enthusiastic children or the family dog deciding to start barking. But not many of us would have a family event during a nationally televised interview! Meet Professor Kelly, a […]

Pinpoint target marketing for small business!

It’s a tough world out there. Millions of products and services and many millions of vendors scrambling for the consumer’s attention. If you’re a new business, it’s easy to burn through your marketing budget very quickly for minimal impact.  No cash, no splash as the saying goes! Even existing businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to […]

Under Stairs Home Office Ideas

Want to put every inch of space in your home to good use? An under stairs home office is one idea you can do especially if you work from home. The space under the stairs is one of the most commonly underused parts in a house. Because of the height limitations created by staircases, we tend to just […]