Really? You want to start your own business? Five steps to avoid failure…

Five steps to avoid business failure

Times are always tough somewhere. Countries, regions and industries all have economic cycles. Right now almost everyone is hurting due to COVID-19. Economists and governments are expecting many job losses to be permanent. Unemployment is forecast to remain high for some years to come. That’s encouraging (or forcing) many of us to rethink our future […]

Survival and revival: Retailers need to prepare for two e-commerce waves

Wave 1 - COVID-19 - caught us off-guard.

Are you one of the countless small business owners wondering how you can survive the COVID-19 crisis? Will your staff return? What about your customers? If you’re in retail, the following article by Jane Cohen, a Partner at KPMG Strategy, is a five minute read that may help you to navigate the next few months. […]