Remote Work and the Future of Employment

Remote Work

Studies show remote workers are happy and productive. Yet even in industries where the practice is popular, companies have struggled with how much to embrace remote work. What gives?

Seven winning qualities a start-up team needs to succeed

Start-up mantra - together we can

The future belongs to small, innovative, agile entrepreneurs. Passion and perseverance will create many opportunities for those with their eyes and minds open. I came across this article from the Techstars blog. Given Techstars great track-record for bringing start-ups to market, I thought you might find it useful too. Running a “city program” accelerator at […]

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

Apr 3, 2017   by guest blogger Bob Warfield For those of you who desperately want to start your own business, I want to caution you about the worst possible thing you will be tempted to do: You are going to want to quit your Day Job and go all in.  Don’t do it! I know. […]

Opening your home office door to your kids

Father and daughter looking at internet on laptop

Committing to work from home is a big decision for most of us. The ultimate question we all face – probably from others as well as ourselves, is whether or not we can focus and be productive. Sure there are lots of potential distractions, but they soon fade into the background. What doesn’t, of course, […]