Learn How You Can Be More Productive When Working From Home…

Six tips for beating distractions and procrastination! My working career spans 50 years. For at least 30 of those, I’ve worked from a home office. For the last 20 years, I’ve lead a team of focused writers, social media specialists and coders… all from my home office. And they all work from home too! It […]

Remote Work and the Future of Employment

Remote Work

Studies show remote workers are happy and productive. Yet even in industries where the practice is popular, companies have struggled with how much to embrace remote work. What gives?

How to Transition and Thrive into Remote Working

Working from Home

Working from home can be a big benefit to employees, offering them flexibility and freedom to take charge of their own time.
But there are challenges that perhaps don’t seem obvious at first glance.

Small Home Office Desk Ideas

Small Home Office Desk Ideas

Don’t have a room to spare for a home office? No problem! Having no extra room or even space at home doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a proper desk setup for work. If you are looking for a solution, then these small home office desk ideas should help! There are many ways you can have a nice office […]

Keep your work space neat by making a simple DIY desk organizer!

DIY Desk Organizer

Do the small items in your desk tend to clutter up your work area? Then get rid of the chaos and clear up your work space by making this simple DIY desk organizer! This desktop organizer has a scissors and tape holder, pen and brush holders, a notebook rack and a customized notepaper roll holder. It also […]

Work From Home – Seven Simple Steps to Ensure Success

Tired of the commute? Want – or need –  to spend more time with your children? Work better at night or early morning than you do during the 9 to 5 stint? Maybe it’s time to work from home. Today’s technology means that you can interact with others efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the […]

Under Stairs Home Office Ideas

Want to put every inch of space in your home to good use? An under stairs home office is one idea you can do especially if you work from home. The space under the stairs is one of the most commonly underused parts in a house. Because of the height limitations created by staircases, we tend to just […]

Organize Your Home Office with these Storage Solutions

Home Office Storage

If you’ve just joined the virtual work place, chances are you’re sharing work space with the potato and the kitchen knives in your kitchen or dining table. Most houses are not designed to include space for a home office where one could fit in a desk, let alone storage for office supplies and equipment. And while […]

How to Have a Productive Home Office

Working from home? Then you can probably relate to the everyday challenge of focusing and getting as much work as you can get done! There are many factors that can keep us from being productive in our home office, and all of these make up what we describe as an unfavourable environment. But even if your […]

Beware the chair!

Beware the chair!

Do you spend long hours sitting in front of your computer every day? If you do, then beware the chair! You could very well sit your way to an early death! Prolonged periods of sitting increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancer and mental fatigue. A recent study conducted by researchers at the […]